After booming popularity of Cherry Belle Girlband Indonesia in 2011 and, now began to pound again Chibi entertainment level with the ground water gush Belle Cherry latest movie by title: Love is You (Love Is U). Girlband are manned by 9 beautiful girls cute: Cherly, Angel, Wenda, Gigi, Ryn, Anisa, Felly, Devi, and Christy has indeed been a musical and entertainment phenomenon of Indonesia, after a single-single, able to occupy a strategic position in the charts TOP 100 Indonesia for months. Through the single such dilemma, I'll Be There For You, Beautiful, Love is You, and Best Friend Forever, Cherry Belle is among the Top Girl Band Indonesia. Chibi is now re-present to pamper and Twiboy Twibi latest film by Cherry Belle with the same title with one of their singles: Love Is U. The film, directed by Hanny R. Saputra is about life behind the stage of the retainer Chibi, and conflicts between them, which makes Cherry Belle is today: Success. Article source:

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