Scientists Discover Mount Merapi in the Arctic Submarine

Scientists from British Antarctic Survey have mapped a series of volcanoes under the frozen sea near Antarctica. Some of them are still active. This is the discovery of the first underwater volcanoes in the region. Using a boat equipped with seabed mapping technology RRS James Clark Ross, the scientists discovered 12 volcanoes in the area. Varied and there are high mountains that reach 3,000 meters over the sea floor. In this expedition, they also found a crater diameter of 5,000 meters. The crater is supposedly formed by the eruption of the volcano. A total of seven active volcano that lay like a group of islands forming a chain. This discovery is very important to understand what really happens when a volcano erupted under the sea or collapsed. Also to know how big the potential for a tsunami can be generated. In addition, it is interesting to see how much life and variety of sea creatures in the underwater landscape. Was associated with the hot water generated by volcanic activity.

Speaking at an international symposium entitled "Antarctic Earth Sciences" in Edinburgh, UK, earlier this month, Phil Leat from the British Antarctic Survey said, "There are still many secrets of volcanic activity beneath the ocean that we do not understand. "According Leat, underwater mapping technologies that exist today are not only presenting a story about the evolution of the earth, "but also gives a clue as to how dangerous the threat posed to the densely populated area. The series of submarine volcanoes are spread across South Sandwich Islands. Isolated and located in the upper ocean water partly covered with snow. Last time there was an eruption in the region in 2008. Leat admitted he leads the team was quite surprised by their findings. "We do not intend to seek a volcano there. We come to this region because there are no known areas on the map and we also do not know what's going on down there. We just wanted to fill that void," says Leat. During exploration, Leat admitted a lot of surprising things happen. "It's nice to see it," says Leat. "When we're busy watching the seabed sonar images on the screen, suddenly towered seafloor as the ship approached."Another time, he said that one night they met with a very large volcano. The mountain is very close and seemed to be crashing the ship RRS James Clark Ross. "It was scary. We thought the ship would hit the top of the mountain," he said. Luckily, the ship is turning around soon. When the day they return to the area, was found several mountain peaks indeed arise to the surface. Height about 50 meters above sea level. Although most of the top of the mountain is not visible from the sea surface and must be assisted by three-dimensional mapping device to detect it, scientists believed that they found was a volcano.Articles source:

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